StartUs insights analysis of the global respiratory drug development landscape highlights OmniSpirant’s inhaled regenerative gene therapy platform:

Omnispirant explores Inhaled Gene Therapy

In the last decade, advances in gene sequencing and gene editing have made gene therapy more feasible than ever before. For the treatment of respiratory diseases, gene therapy offers a way to correct deleterious mutations or reverse disease-causing states. Inhaled gene therapy takes a direct route to deliver deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to the airways and lungs. Pharma startups are working on solutions to enhance the delivery of therapeutic cargo through this method.

Irish startup Omnispirant works on inhaled gene therapy to treat respiratory disorders. The startup’s platform technology uses inhaled engineered stem cell exosomes that enable efficient intracellular delivery of therapeutic cargo. The exosomes penetrate the mucus, have low immunogenicity, and are non-genotoxic. Omnispirant is specifically leveraging its platform to develop an inhaled gene therapy for the treatment of CF.”

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