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OmniSpirant are currently raising an €80M Series A round, which alongside our existing non-dilutive funding will allow the company to reach clinical stages with our lead oncology (OS003) and ARDS (OS006) assets. Generating clinical data to prove the efficacy of these novel advanced therapeutics has the potential to provide exponential investor returns and massive societal impact to the benefit of millions of patients and their families.

OmniSomes are a highly disruptive platform technology, and the lead therapeutic program is OS003, a pan-cancer gene therapy with lung cancer as the initial focus. We believe this could become a game changing treatment with a unique mechanism of action to combat many types of cancer (genetic cargoes are in stealth mode due to IP considerations). This new treatment could significantly improve quality of life and extend life spans by being more effective and less toxic than the current standard of care treatments.  OmniSomes have unique attributes – including widespread bio-distribution, tumor homing potential, regenerative medicinal properties, immunomodulatory effects, and efficient intracellular delivery of nucleic acid payloads meaning patients could benefit from decreased side effects and improved efficacy versus the current standard of care treatments.

Our innovative approach has been validated by being awarded Europe’s largest ever early-stage grant award for lung cancer therapeutic development (€13.4M Horizon Europe non-dilutive funding  for the INSPIRE lung cancer program started in June 2022 and runs until May 2025 with an expert EU-wide consortium of 7 partners led by OmniSpirant) See also:

The investment will allow us to expand our pipeline based on the proprietary OmniSome technology and complete the CMC program to delineate the scalable GMP manufacturing of OmniSomes. Our platform lends itself to extensive licensing deal-making and revenue generation, we are confident that the investment work plan, addressing the needs of potential licensees, will enable us to generate significant licensing revenues during the funding runway.

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